Kit City 8 Stencils


ampere reusable floor stencils - kit city
  • ampere reusable floor stencils - kit city
  • ampere reusable floor stencils - kit city

Kit City 8 Stencils


Kit of 8 reusable stencils for horizontal signs in cities. These are special for ground marks: disabled symbols, bicycle paths, electric charging areas for cars, stop symbols, pedestrian areas.…

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Road signs floor stencils
Complete set of 8 reusable stencils for road signs. The kit includes stencils to identify car parks, electric car charging areas, bicycle lanes, pedestrian areas, assembly points, areas reserved for the disabled and traffic signs.
- ORIGINAL A.M.P.E.R.E. System stencils.
- Material: High quality special reinforced oiled cardboard.
- Reusable hundreds of times.
- Quick and easy application.

The kit includes:
- 1 Stencil with the disabled symbol 50 x 60 cm.
- 1 Stencil with two disabled symbols 25 x 30 cm.
- 1 Stencil with a 60 x 40 cm arrow.
- 1 Stencil with an electric car for car parks and electric charging areas of 59 x 29.3 cm.
- 1 Stencil with a 55.6 x 48 cm rider's silhouette for the identification of bicycle lanes.
- 1 Stencil with the 50 x 50 cm assembly point symbol.
- 1 Stencil with the pedestrian silhouette for signaling pedestrian crossings.
- 1 Stencil with the STOP symbol 16 x 40 cm each letter and a word length of 70 cm.

Easy to use: Place on clean, dry floor and spray paint. For resistant and highly pigmented marking, use Ampere Traffic Paint® aerosols. For greater comfort, apply the paint with the arm of the Perfekt Striper Line Marker.

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Kit City 8 Stencils

Kit City 8 Stencils